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If your daily workout is trying to open the patio sliding glass door…It’s gone far enough!

Why tolerate a hard to slide door?
Why spend $2,000 or more for a new door?

Stuck Door Rehab can solve your troubled slider for a fraction of the price of replacement. We are focused and dedicated to rid Orlando of slow, stuck and hard to open patio sliding glass doors! Stuck Door Rehab offers sliding glass door repair services such as roller replacement, track replacement, handles, locks, screens and door tune ups to get your patio door rolling like new again. Stuck Door Rehab offers sliding glass door repair in Orlando with services such as roller replacement, track replacement, handles, locks, screens, and door tune-ups to get your patio door rolling like new again.

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Why Stuck Door Rehab?

Environmentally Friendly
Practices Sustainable Living
Industry Experts for over 15 Years
Fast, Courteous and Affordable Repair Service
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2 Year Warranty

Stuck Door Rehab provides fast and affordable sliding door repairs throughout Florida. Our technicians carry the most popular range of patio door rollers and sliding track covers needed for many popular sliding door brands, ensuring a fast and successful sliding door repair the first time.

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TJ and Chris did an excellent job. They were ahead of schedule, which was nice, and only took about 30-45 minutes to install.

Tina Enloe

HouseCall Pro Review

This company was great! They arrived on time and fixed our old sliding metal door. We didn't expect it to be as good as it actually is! Really amazing workmanship and very professional. They quoted a price prior to arrival and that was the price, no changes or attempts to up sell anything. We will gladly use them again in the future.

Russ O.

Yelp Review

The people who repaired my door were timely and very professional. If I ever have a need for additional service on a sliding glass door I will call them again.

Cathy Maurey Berdine

Google Review

Easy, fast and affordable Patio Sliding Glass Door Repair

We use only high quality metal bearing rollers designed specifically for coastal climates and American doors. Once installed we align the lock by adjusting the rollers to correctly balance the door, ensuring you can lock and unlock your sliding patio door. This ensures the sliding patio door is square in the frame and able to glide with ease! It takes approximately 1 hour for your sliding door to return to original sliding condition. In most cases, depending on the weight and size of the door, you will often be able to open and close your door with just one finger – imagine that!

Is your Sliding Door Hard to Open?

Patio Door Rollers


We LOVE Florida! But coastal living and salt air don’t agree with metal rollers. Rust and corrosion cause the wheels to freeze up or break apart making the door nearly impossible to slide. Sliding doors use wheels (rollers) to glide across the bottom track. The wheels are subject to normal wear and tear and they are not designed to last forever. If your home has pets, chances are you will find a lot of hair in the tracks and probably in the patio door wheels themselves. Your patio door needs to use the wheels or rollers to slide across the tracks. This is the most common replacement part that fixes the majority of the calls we receive.

New and Old Door Tracks


Damaged Tracks Cause Problems…
Just like a train runs on a track so does your sliding door. Over time sliding door tracks wear and become damaged, resulting in the premature degradation of rollers causing a noisy sliding door. The track needs to be free of warps, bumps and dings to work effectively. Provided the track damage is minor, we may be able to install a sliding door track cap. This is installed over your existing track in an attempt to save you from the cost of an extensive repair. Installing a stainless steel patio door track cover, (the secret to a quiet sliding door!) can work in some cases. In other cases, the track is extensively twisted, dinged, warped, pitted and just plain ‘had it’ then the original track needs to be removed and new track is cut to length (on site) and placed over the original worn and damaged track. Additional charges apply for all track replacement services.

Door Screen Slider Marquis Frames


Okay, so maybe new screens are an exception to the sustainability idea, but when a screen is missing or not repairable, there isn’t a great choice. We do offer screen repairs, including re-screens and new rollers, however, once your dog or kids have run into it and knocked it around for years, and your pet made his own entrance through the screen door, it might be time for a new one. We offer high quality screens and can fit them usually same day for you. Please ask about our screen door specials.

Patio Sliding Doors


Stuck Door Rehab patio sliding door services can fix most sliding doors by carrying the correct tools, installing quality made rollers and rejuvenating the track with a stainless steel cover cut to size. Our technicians are fully trained and possess all of the relevant skills, tools and experience needed to repair your sliding doors, in about an hour leaves you with a 2 year guarantee!

Important things you should know…

Before booking any sliding door repair call Stuck Door Rehab at (407) 900-9412‬ or email us for a free repair quote and ‘Roll It Like It’s New!’. Find out about our affordable pricing and our iron-clad guarantee. We will get you rolling and we won’t up sell you once we arrive. You’ll be provided with a convenient time to visit your home and we will be there on time. We will leave the area just as clean as we found it and all you will need do is enjoy your easy to open patio door.

Stuck Door Rehab! Roll It Like It’s New!